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Texas Sportsbook Promos

Just because online sports betting is new to Texas doesn’t mean you have to play like you’re new to the game. Get ahead of the curve by doing your research now and learn everything there is to know about TX sports betting bonus offers, perks, and rewards. This guide will share all the information you need to maximize bonuses and introduce you to the sportsbooks with the best bonus in Texas.

Intro to sports betting bonus in Texas

In this guide you’ll be able to find and compare the best Texas sports betting bonus. With everything from deposit matches to risk-free bets, Texas bettors can get an upper hand on their wagers. Making it really important to register for the right bookie with the best offers.

Types of TX sports betting bonus


As soon as your TX sports betting site account is verified, you can start using TX betting bonus offers to increase your wins. Sportsbooks use these sign-up bonuses as an incentive to bring in new players and to add a little more adventure to your betting strategy. But not all sites offer the same bonuses. Keep reading to understand each type of bonus and how it can help you win big.

Deposit match TX sports betting bonus

Online bookies prefer it when players deposit larger sums of money into their bankrolls at a time. Therefore, many TX online bookies offer new players a deposit match bonus as a way to incentivize them to do so. When players deposit a sum of money to their account, the TX sports betting bonus then matches that dollar amount, up to a set limit.

Some sportsbooks offer a 100% deposit match whereas others offer smaller percentages. The limit and the percentage vary from one online sportsbook to another but it’s not uncommon for big-name brands to offer 100% matches worth up to $500 or even $1,000.

The only downside to deposit match bonuses is that they typically come with playthrough rules. Betting sites don’t want new members to sign up and immediately withdraw their matched deposit without first using it to play. Therefore, you’ll have to risk losing the matched bonus by playing a certain number of times.

These terms and conditions also vary from site to site so be sure to read the fine print before betting your deposit match.

Risk-free TX sports betting bonus offer

A risk-free bet isn’t entirely risk-free but it does allow you to place a bet without the risk of losing all of your money. The way it works is that you wager your own money—up to a set limit—and the operator will refund that amount if you lose the bet. This way, you can learn how the betting systems work without losing anything.

Risk-free TX sports betting bonus offers are almost always limited to a set amount but, depending on the betting provider, you could earn a bonus valued up to $1,000. You just have to do some research into what offers online sportsbooks are currently providing.

Again, though, these TX sports betting bonuses incentivize players to deposit more funds at the start so that they can wager a higher risk-free bet at the beginning of their play.

Free bet TX betting bonus

Risk-free and free bets sound about the same but they’re not. Also, free bets are not actually free. The way it works is that you first deposit money to your account and then you unlock a free TX sports betting bonus bet valued at whatever amount the online sportsbook is currently offering.

Most of the time, your free bet will match the amount you deposit, either at a percentage or at a complete 100% rate. Other sites give a flat-rate free bet worth around $50. You must use these funds on a wager, though, meaning that you cannot withdraw them without first playing the money. Also, you cannot keep the stake of the free bet; only the profit.

Additionally, free bets are time-restricted. Most operators set a 30-day limit, after which you won’t be able to use the free bet. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to play through the money as soon as you unlock the bonus. Every site shares the details of its TX betting bonus, so be sure to explore the terms and conditions when you unlock them.

No-deposit TX sports betting bonus

You may see this type of Texas betting bonus also referred to as a no-deposit free bonus and they are the only bonuses that are actually free. You don’t have to deposit money and you don’t have to place a bet to unlock these bonuses. Instead, just sign up and verify your account to gain access to a one-time, truly free bet.

After you’ve registered, your new TX sports betting bonus provider will offer a bet worth around $25 with which you can do anything you’d like. You cannot withdraw the money, though, and you must play through it before you can withdraw any of the profit. Additionally, no-deposit free bonuses also come with a few restrictions:

  • These TX sports betting bonuses come with tight time restrictions, sometimes as short as a week or two. Some sites may allow you to hold onto the bonus for up to a month but be careful you don’t run out of time.
  • No-deposit free sports bets must be used all at once. The funds cannot be divided or used across multiple bets.
  • You do not get to keep the $25 stake; you’ll only earn the profit from the wager.

No-deposit free bets are essentially the same as a free or risk-free TX betting bonuses but without requiring you to deposit or bet an amount of money. However, you can withdraw the profit from your wins as soon as you play through the bet.

Post-sign-up TX sports betting bonus


Texas betting bonuses and rewards wouldn’t really work in the long term if players could only use them once after signing up. Online bookies know this so they continue to offer Texas bonus codes and TX sports betting bonus offers to players throughout the year. These bonuses are a little different from sign-up bonuses, though, so check out this quick rundown of each type of bonus.

Texas sports betting bonuses – Reloads

Reload bonuses sometimes fall under the category of “sign-up” bonus but you’ll sometimes unlock them long past registration. They work a little like free bets but only kick into gear after you’ve wagered some of your own money. After betting, your sportsbook will then offer a free bet worth however much you just wagered.

For example, let’s say you sign up for a new betting site and wager $50 on the Dallas Cowboys. Regardless of if you win or not, your sportsbook will then credit another $50 to your bankroll, thereby “reloading” your funds with the amount you just spent.

As with most other bets, though, you cannot win the stake from a reload bonus. Instead, you’ll only walk away with the profit if you win. You may also be hit with a rollover requirement before you can withdraw the funds.

TX sports betting bonuses – Referrals

Just as sportsbooks offer incentives to new players, they also incentivize existing members to bring in new business. Like many other online games and sites, online sportsbooks also offer referral bonuses in TX to both the new player and the referring member. These do come with a few limitations, though:

  • The friend you refer will likely have to deposit funds to their bankroll before you can also unlock the TX betting bonus
  • Your friend may even have to play through a few bets before you can unlock the referral bonus
  • The value of your referral bonus is usually directly proportional to the amount your friend deposits and wagers. Therefore, it’s in both of your best interests for your friend to deposit more money at the start.
  • As with most Texas sports betting bonuses, referral bonuses are also set at a limited amount of money so don’t expect to make thousands of dollars off a referral.

No matter how much the referral is worth, it’s still fun to share the experience of online sports betting with your friends and family. Share your referral codes today and share in the profits.

Rebate bonuses in TX

You won’t run across TX sports betting bonuses very often but you likely don’t want to. Also, know as a loss bonus, rebates kick in after you have stumbled onto a particularly bad string of luck. As a sign of good faith and an incentive to keep you coming back, your sportsbook will then rebate a portion of your losses back into your bankroll.

Typically, you won’t earn back all of your bankroll but it’s still nice to get a second chance with some extra credit to play with. Rebate bonuses can even go as far as to change up your betting strategies since some sportsbooks set sport-specific regulations for how you can play with a rebate.

However, don’t expect to play any high-roller bets using a rebate bonus. Most of the time rebates max out at around 5% of your most recent bet.

Sportsbooks with the best bonuses in Texas


Finding the best TX sports betting bonus can take time and some digging through the Internet. To help you out, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of four online bookies with the best betting bonuses in Texas.

Caesars betting bonus

After purchasing William Hill, Caesars is technically one of the largest online betting providers in the world and, as such, it certainly doesn’t hold back on its sign-up bonuses. Currently, new members can gain access to one of the highest-valued risk-free bets we’ve seen in the market.

Using their new member promo code, you can unlock a risk-free bet valued up to $5,000. That gives you a lot of wiggle room to test their mobile platform and figure out if Caesars is the online sportsbook for you.

BetMGM sports betting bonus

BetMGM has been a long standing member of the online sportsbook community and has made quite the name for itself since it was first founded. If you’re looking to sign up with a new sportsbook in Texas, BetMGM could be the right option for you.

When you register, you’ll unlock two different bonuses—a risk-free bet worth up to $1,000 and a deposit match worth up to $1,000. This means you can deposit up to $1,000, have that money doubled, and then bet $1,000 risk-free on your first play-through. If you have some money to spare, this could result in quite a lot of profit.

DraftKings sports betting bonuses

As one of the most popular betting providers in the world, it’s no surprise the DraftKings is also offering new members two different sign-up bonuses. After you register and your account is verified, you’ll unlock a no-deposit free bet valued at $50, along with a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $1,500.

FanDuel sports betting bonus

FanDuel is another top betting site around the world, drawing in new members with its combination of both Daily Fantasy Sports and real-money online sports betting. However, their sign-up bonuses in Texas are slightly less enticing than their competitors.

Currently, you can unlock a deposit match bonus worth 20% of your initial deposit, valued up to $500. This requires you to deposit quite a lot more money than the other operators listed here if you want to access the full $500 amount.

FAQs about TX sports betting bonuses

What’s a good strategy for using a TX sports betting bonus?

As with any TX sports betting bonus strategy, you should play smart. Many new players use risk-free and free bets as a throwaway to bet on wild odds that likely won’t pay off. Instead, we recommend betting smart on lower odds that are more likely to succeed. This way, you can actually walk away with some winnings.

Should I look for TX sports betting bonus offers online?

While it’s certainly possible to find bonus codes on third-party websites, most online bookies publish their codes directly on their sites. You can find these codes under your sportsbook’s “Bonus Content” tab or sign up for TX sports betting bonus emails.

Do I have to use a TX sports betting bonus?

If you don’t want to play with a TX betting bonus, you don’t have to. Nearly all online bookies offer an opt-out option so players can bet without the help of a Texas sports betting bonus. However, understand that most bonuses are time-limited so you may lose the bonus if you put it off for too long.

What’s the point of offering betting bonuses in Texas if they lose money?

Online operators have a long-term business model. They know that giving players an incentive to sign up and play will bring in more business in the long run. While they might lose some money at first, the house always wins, as they say.

What if my betting provider doesn’t offer bonuses?

If you’ve signed up for a TX bookie that doesn’t offer bonuses, it likely isn’t a legitimate site. All of the big-name online sportsbooks in Texas offer their members bonuses and loyalty reward systems. If your bookie doesn’t, we recommend finding a new site.