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Texas Football betting

Interested in Texas football betting? Don’t do anything until you have read this page! This is a beginner’s guide to getting started with betting on football online in Texas. Every new gambler needs to read this information.

The beginner’s guide to Texas football betting

You would think that getting started with Texas football betting is difficult. However, it isn’t. In fact, you could be making your first bet in a matter of minutes.

Once you have chosen an online betting site for football betting in Texas and topped up your betting account, then you are ready to place your first bet.

We wouldn’t suggest that you just randomly stake your cash on the first betting odds that you see, though. The key to successful football betting picks is to ensure that you carry out your research. It is what separates the good gamblers from the great gamblers.

On this page, we are going to teach you everything that you need to know to make your first bet online.

Best Football sportsbooks in Texas


A Football sportsbook is where you will be making your bets. This will be your Texas online betting site. Since you can’t gamble on Football without a Football sportsbook, this is probably going to be one of your most important decisions. If you are new to gambling, we actually suggest that you skip ahead to the next section. We will share our picks for the best Football sportsbooks with you. In this section, we are going to provide you with a bit of guidance on what makes a good sportsbook.

The reputation of the sportsbook

We may be experienced punters, but we are not afraid to look to other gamblers for recommendations. In fact, chances are that this is how the vast majority of people find their very first sportsbook.

Listen to what other people say. If somebody that regularly gambles tells you that a sportsbook is good, then chances are that the sportsbook is going to be good.

The football betting odds

You want the football betting odds to be great. After all, football betting odds will influence how much you win. A site is never going to have the best odds for everything. So, just look for a sportsbook that seems to get betting odds right most of the time.

The available football betting markets

You want a sportsbook that provides you with the markets that you want to bet on. For example, you may want to bet on leagues outside of the NFL. Perhaps international leagues. It is likely that you want to bet on so much more than just the moneyline too i.e. you don’t just want to bet on the winner of a game.

Banking options

There are a few things that you will need to be thinking about here:

  • Whether they support your available payment and withdrawal methods.
  • Any minimums or maximums for deposits and withdrawals
  • Speed of withdrawals
  • Any fees associated with a withdrawal

The customer support

The worst sportsbooks are sportsbooks where the customer support is non-existent.

It means that if you do run into a problem, there is nobody there to help you out.

Our suggestion is that you look for sportsbooks that make it obvious they have a customer support team. If the contact details are listed right there on the front page, then you know that you have a good sportsbook.

You also know the sportsbook is great if they have some form of live chat available.

Mobile experience

Most of us are probably going to be gambling with our mobile devices. This means that you need a site that works well on mobile devices. A site that has a mobile app is always our preferred option. However, we would have no issues with a decent mobile site too.

Football betting promos

These are the little perks that you get for signing up for a sportsbook. This may mean free bets, insurance bets, etc.

The best sportsbooks won’t just reward their new customers, though. They will also have promos available for their regular punters.

Best Football betting sites in Texas


As we said, gambling is all about listening to what other people recommend. We have put in a lot of hard work to find the best sportsbooks in Texas for football betting. This means that you don’t have to put in the work yourself.

We have four sites here that we reckon you are going to end up loving.

BetMGM football betting

BetMGM offers a stellar football betting experience. They offer all NFL games, as well as some international events too.

Fanduel football betting lines

Fanduel is fantastic for those that want to bet on live games, particularly if they want to do it through one of the best mobile apps in the business.

Draftkings football betting odds

Draftkings offers great betting odds. You should check out this sportsbook if you are a fan of prop bets.

Caesars football sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook offers a ton of promos for football fans. This includes enhanced odds and free bets during some of the bigger football events of the year.

How live betting on football games in Texas works


If you have bet before but never bet online, then live betting on football may be a new concept for you.

As you may well know, the traditional way to bet is to stake some cash before an event starts. This is still the way that most people bet on football.

Live betting enables you to bet after the game has started. This means that you could be watching something like the Super Bowl and getting a feel for the way that the players are performing on the field. You can then head to a sportsbook and gamble on what you believe is likely to happen for the rest of the game.

The betting odds that you see for live betting will be determined by what is happening on the field. This means that they can change regularly. So, you really need to be active with a live betting site to get your hands on the best odds. This is why it is often recommended that you find a mobile sportsbook.

Betting markets for football betting in Texas


If you are planning on betting on football in Texas, then you need to know the types of bet that you can make.

In this section, we are going to highlight the most common betting markets. Do bear in mind that some sportsbooks have come up with their own bet types. So, if you see something that you don’t understand on your chosen sportsbook, then make sure that you consult their FAQ. This will often tell you everything that you need to know.


If you are new to Texas football betting, then we suggest that you stick with moneylines.

Whether you are betting during a football match or once the action has started, a moneyline bet is you just predicting the team you believe will walk away the winner.

These bets can be easy to win as most football matches won’t have two evenly matched teams.

Point spreads

There are some football matches where there si a clear favorite. In this case, it wouldn’t make much sense betting on the moneyline. This is because the returns won’t be that high.

Thankfully, there is a betting market that may work. Let us introduce you to point spreads. You may sometimes see this referred to as handicap betting.

With a point spread, the favorite will start the game with a point disadvantage i.e. their handicap. The point disadvantage will vary based upon how much of a favorite they are.

With a point spread, you will have the ability to place one of two bets:

  • You can bet on the favorite. If you bet on the favorite, then they need to win the game. However, they also need to win by at least the number of points in their handicap.
  • You can bet on the underdog. You can win a bet here in one of two ways. You can win the bet if they win the game. You can also win the bet if the underdog loses but the favorite is not able to overcome their point handicap.

Prop bets

Prop bets are sometimes called side bets. This can include bets focusing on player performance. For example:

  • First team to score a touchdown
  • First player to score
  • Passing yards
  • Score at the halfway point of the game

Futures bets

Futures allow you to place a bet that lasts the course of the season. For example, you can gamble on which team will win the Super Bowl.

Totals bets

This bet can take many forms. Some prop bets may even in the form of totals.

In most cases, when you see a totals bet at a sportsbook, you are gambling on the number of combined points the two teams score. You don’t have to be exact. You just have to bet on whether it will be over or under a certain figure given by the sportsbook.

How football parlay bets work

Football parlay bets are known for giving huge rewards. However, these bets are reserved for the more experienced punters. This is because they are incredibly risky.

A parlay bet is a combined bet. You will choose multiple football picks and combine them into a single bet. Their odds will be combined at the same time.

When you place a parlay, you need all of your betting picks to be a winner. If one loses, you get nothing.

With most sportsbooks, you can add as many lines as you want to your parlay. However, the more you add, the lower your chances of winning.

Is a football betting line in Texas is right for you


One thing that we have noticed about many new gamblers is that they are often unsure when to place a bet. So, we have come up with a few questions you should be asking yourself before you place any stake.

Can you afford to place the bet?

You should never be betting cash that you cannot afford to lose. You need to go into every single bet that you place with the expectation that you won’t win.

If you cannot afford to lose cash, then don’t bet. Simple as that. It doesn’t matter whether it is a ‘dead cert’. Just don’t bet.

Have you researched the bet?

Research every single bet that you place. Once you start to get into the swing of gambling on football online, you will start to realize how useful research is. Thankfully, football is a popular sport so this shouldn’t be too hard. Pay attention to betting tips, news websites, etc.

Do you understand what you are betting on?

Only bet on teams and markets that you understand. Don’t just bet because the odds look good. For example, don’t bet on European football leagues if you have never watched a European game of football in your life.

How much risk are you willing to take?

Everybody has their own level of risk. You will quickly learn yours.

Your risk levels will be determined by the research that you put in. Your research will help you to determine whether a bet has a lot of risk.

Remember, don’t play your bets too safe. You won’t win that much cash like that.

Texas football betting FAQ

What is an enhanced odds promos for football betting in Texas?

This is when betting odds will be slightly boosted. This is often a form of promotion that sportsbooks run for the more popular football games.

How quickly can you withdraw cash with football bets in Texas?

Most withdrawals should take between 3 and 5 working days.

How fast are deposits for Texas football betting

Most deposits should be instant. At the most, it should take about fifteen minutes.

Is there a maximum amount of cash you can withdraw from a sportsbook in Texas?

Most sportsbooks will have a limit on the amount you can withdraw at once. Some may even have weekly caps. This can vary between sportsbooks, so make sure that you read their FAQ.

Do you need to live in Texas to bet on football?

You have to be physically located in Texas if you want to bet at a Texan sportsbook.